SURKANA was born more than 20 years ago as an evolution of a project related with traveling, the passion for the difference between cultures and the recognition of creativity as a source of inspiration.

Surkana is the journey, the experience it brings, where the destination is not the only important thing.

The name of the brand comes from the union of Sur y Turkana.

Sur: Joy, color, warmth, vitality, Mediterranean.

Turkana: Africa, colors, earth, origin, pilgrimage.

Follow your own steps

Symbols and graphics of diverse origin are revealed in the multicultural identity of Surkana. The richness of colors and patterns reflects its vitality and positivity.

We combine the creative freedom of our sources of inspiration with fashion parameters that fit the personality of each collection with an eye always on quality.

The experiences that are captured in our collection are the result of the journey, because the important thing is the experience gained, not the destination. And we want to share it with you: the real journey is sharing the journey.

The Surkana woman

We dress women with a jovial and fun spirit who enjoy the vitality and personality of the brand, a reflection of who we are.

A woman who naturally wears the brightness and colorfulness of Surkana.

Our target is a confident consumer who is culturally and socially committed.


A feeling of freedom, curiosity and attention for the world around us that we want to share with those who are looking for unique and particular garments and accessories for their daily adventures in Surkana.

Surkana and commitment

We are a brand committed to our environment. We care for the environment and we care about the most disadvantaged people by collaborating with associations such as:


In Surkana we carefully choose our suppliers and we are attentive to the use of natural fabrics and qualities, increasingly present in our collections: recycled yarns, bamboo, linen, cupro, viscose make up the most important part of our collection.

In our Natural capsule, these values are even more strongly reflected.

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