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Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy applies to the  www.surkana.com  website  owned by FRANCO AUSTRAL SL. The access or use of this website, whether for browsing or to make an online purchase, gives the User the status of website visitor. This involves the User's full acceptance, without reservations, of these Terms and Conditions. In the event of non-acceptance, we urge you not to use the website.

we recommend that you read the Legal Notice, the Privacy Policy, the Cookies Policy, the Purchasing Terms and Conditions and any legal text that governs its use, which you can see in the section titled "Information" at the bottom of this page, before starting to use our website.

If any personal data is required to provide our services during access to the website, they will be collected in accordance with the following provisions:


During the process of collecting personal data through the different forms included in our website, we will specify which information is mandatory to complete the process. If you do not provide this data, we shall not be able to provide you the service or access to certain website features.

When you fill out these personal data collection forms, you expressly authorize the owner of the website to use them for the purposes mentioned below.

It is the User's responsibility to provide truthful and accurate information, as well as to communicate any change or modification thereof.

Your personal data are collected for the following purposes:

  • to provide information, in response to the website queries forwarded via the Contact section

  • to provide access to the User area, where you can manage and view all your personal details and information about your online purchase. You can access this User area to update your information, as well as decide on whether you want to receive our commercial communications or not. If you wish to unsubscribe from the User area, you must send a request to service@surkana.com . We remind you that if you request to unsubscribe from this area, your account will be cancelled but the details of the transactions carried out will not, and they will be kept for the established time according to the company’s different legal obligations.

  • to send you our newsletter,after subscribing to our newsletter service or to send you commercial communications after you provide authorization through any of the forms you have filled out. We remind you that you can unsubscribe from any of the communications at any time. Any commercial communication you receive will always be related to the products or services provided by FRANCO AUSTRAL SL.

  • to send you information about the Sales Terms and Conditions Surkana products in your store.


The User is informed that, in compliance with storage limit rules, the data collected will be processed only and exclusively for the time necessary and for the purposes for which they were collected at any given time. Data will therefore be stored in such a way as to allow interested parties to be identified for the purposes of the processing of personal data for no longer than necessary.


In order to fulfil the purposes set forth in section 1 of the Privacy Policy, we may need to communicate or transfer your personal data to third parties that provide us support services to help us correctly provide you our services. These parties include financial institutions; technology services providers; transport, delivery and logistics providers; etc.

In some cases, as often happens with technology service providers, for example, these parties are in countries such as the USA and we verify that our suppliers adhere to the “Privacy Shield” or with a suitable level of protection in other countries or territories outside the European Economic Area. By accepting this Privacy Policy, you expressly authorize us to process your personal data and provide them to these third parties and/or to transfer them to the above-mentioned service providers located outside the European Economic Area for the purposes described herein.


You may exercise your rights to access, rectify, cancel or oppose the data provided at any time by sending an email to: web@surkana.com, indicating the reason for your request. We remind you that these rights may only be exercised by the interested party; therefore, we may request your National ID document, passport or any other valid identification document.


We commit to guaranteeing secrecy and confidentiality when processing your personal data by adopting the security levels for personal data protection required by law and installing the technical means and measures available to prevent the improper use, alteration, loss, unauthorized access or theft of the same.


We use cookies, which are small files with information about your browsing habits on this website, and their main purpose is to facilitate your browsing activity herein. Please read our Cookie Policy for more information about the cookies we use, their purpose and other information of interest.


FRANCO AUSTRAL SL. reserves the right to modify this Privacy Policy for the purpose of adapting it to new legislation or legal criteria.